Tuesday, September 23, 2003

i work at a bakery.
i am learning about breads.
i am almost out of toilet paper.
my oven is still broken. i have a frozen pizza thats been in my freezer for 1.5 weeks that i'm taking with me to small group where i can cook it there and then bring it home for lunch tommorow.

i feel like i have absolutly no eloquence to write anything. but i still feel the need to tell you whats up. apologizing for boringness is so cliche. what?
we move into our new place on oct 1st. 38th/main. vancouver special. how do you window dress a front window that is composed of five tall windows in a concave shape? (concave is the one that goes in right?) i've also decided to shamelessly throw a house warming/bring me groceries party.

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