Thursday, July 31, 2003

we want to show all people the unconditional love and grace of Jesus
without reservations on their lifestyle, religious background
past or future.
this love has no agenda behind it.
this grace sets no dates on personal change or standards of growth.
the idea is to be apart or people’s lives because we truly care for them
rather than to fulfill a religious duty.
to walk with them through all there struggles as a part of there life
not as a religious outsider.

revolution atlanta

Monday, July 21, 2003

went awwaaay this weekend.
to mosiac at 10th, great music, great don, great bread and cream cheese.
to beniths, calmed myself out, walked a dog, shared a bed with a drumset.
to the sac, bought some chicken, made a stirfry.
rushed back to camp not caring that i was late, but then being mad that i got in trouble.
and now
first load is in..tuck books are balanced, and worhsip is telling me that i can work with him later. to which i promptly comply.
so sit here, and think that, a shower would be nice.
or perhaps a trip to bolivia, or a nice apartment in vancouver for 600 a month..on the corner of 12th and ontario maybe?

Saturday, July 05, 2003

i hate saskatewan. mainly, nipawin. HATE.
sure they have hotel rooms for 30 bones
but then they smash your window whilst you sleep and steal all of your cd's. all. and those of your friend megan. between the both of us, close to 200.
so driving back to regina, no window and no turntable of music. we were left with one beth orton and one waterdeep.
oh the pain runs deep.

tisdale, sk: land of rape and honey. "no thanks, i don't like honey"

Thursday, July 03, 2003

wednesday 7.30-about 2: i was running around with my head cut off. AHH. frustration. maybe we can now be called camp consumerism.
driving through okanogan. my windows were open so i could spit out my cherry pits and i was raging loudly to some aging punk rockers sing about danielle and ramone.
i stopped for supper with my bibe-o.. nice long supper.. so good.
then around medicine hat i got tired so i slept for 3.5 hours in the back of my van in the walmart parking lot.
then russy roseny got me through the rest of the way.
just taking my time getting to sk. increible. best two days ever.
i swear that this hippy traveling life is the one that was orginally meant for me. its the peace i need to gather myself and laugh at myelf and get some crazy bible reading done in mcdonalds.