Wednesday, August 20, 2003

tooth. gone.

Saturday, August 16, 2003

i'm learning to play guitar.
the peasants rejoice.
i can play g,c,Em,d, a, Am, e, and i think c2.
the peasants rejoice.
this tooth will be the death of me.
i was formally saying "ha, good luck with that" to god who was increasing the pain in order to get me to the dentist...
but tonight i have surrendered.
what the hell is with one little chunk of enamel causing so much catasrophe?
not even two T3's quelled this baby, they just made me not really care. an intresting effect.
so four advil, one fantastic neck rub, ice pack, tears, tears, and orajel later..i'm in a good enough mood to tell you how frustrated i am.
i haaaaate the dentist.
but, you know, maybe, i'll, you know, go get this looked at on monday. (one of my molars is decaying so all thats left is the shell of a tooth, no middle stuff and just recently its started to get the nerves. pleasant.)

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

they can't make me go back.
i've had a pretty good four day break. friday night i stayed home and watched cinderella with just me.
saturday i did some shopping and then i went to the beginnings of a family gathering. then i headed out with some friends to the fireworks which turned out to be a minor ordeal of what was actually considered "jerico beach". me and ashley walked around for about 2 hours trying to locate these crazies. it has now instilled in me that a pager is nooo good. i need a cell phone.
watched the fireworks. this year i learned that cbc broadcasts the music. who knew? incomparably glorious.
went to church sunday night and then made smores/broke the fire ban with some friends.
today i went down to bellingham, laughed harshly at the west bounders on highway 1.
i just got back from mexican night with the same ban breaking friends. fahitas, volleyball, sombrero's, corona, a nice mellowed atmosphere. good good.
now you are all caught up.
camp is ok. i'm learning wierd things. or rather, god is showing me things in wierd ways. as i think about this upcoming week, (rest of summer) there are some things i think about with excitement, some with mild dread.
julie needs to embrace grace.
yes she does.