Sunday, May 16, 2004

i learned a new word today and i wrote it on my hand so i would remeber what it was and that i would use it.
egregious. egg-ree-shee-ous. it means morally repugnant.

i went over for breakfast (sort of) yesdterday at the ivanhoe. a good walk and talk with the b.

i also 'preached' last night at mosaic. execpt that i had emailed my notes to myself so i could print them off at the church..and it totally got garbled in the transition. so i wung it. ha.

i also got a bracelet today out of the lost and found at work. it is very pretty.

god is reasurring me that i will be ok. both in that i'm absolutly broke for a week, and in that i'm incredibly restless at this moment. i want to do soemthing different..maybe i don't. maybe its just this moment. this is about usually happens at this time of year. the thing is too, that i've got some rad rad commitments going on that i'm excited to be apart of..but the restlessness stirs.

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