Monday, November 22, 2004

hot shower
time for bed
tommorow is the proverbial friday
white duck tape is ingenious. looks like plaster to me.
i like cream in my coffee
i like to sleep late on sundays
nobody know's me like my baby
i like eggs over easy
with them flour tortilla's
nobody knows me like baby.
i put my favorite white dress on
and my two dollar shoes
tie my hair up the way up you like
make you see that i'm still in love with you.
i've got reservations
about so many things
but not about you.
well you've set up your place in my thoughts
moved in and made my thinking crowded
i could go crazy on a night like tonight
summers beginning to give up her fight
and every thought's a possibility
when voices are heard but nothing is seen
why do you spend this time with me
maybe an equal mystery.

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