Tuesday, August 16, 2005

most serene republic was delightful, albeit obvious why arts and crafts signed them.
and the opening band, so happy and eager to be there, made me smile.

i won the lottery. 7 dollars. and upon cashing it in, i bought another, and promptly won 2 $.
so all in all, i'm up 7 dollars.

i cannot stop listening to illinois. cannot. its the most beautiful cd i've heard. or i could just be saying that in the moment, which is my tendancy. i have this urge to make sure everyone i know has heard it. its so wonderful.
look beneath the floorboards, for the secrets i have hid...
he took my shoulders and shook my face
and he takes and he takes and he takes.

its raining here on the west coast. it hasn't done that for a while.
you are welcome oh breath of the earth.

two and half weeks until otta-real, or mont-awa.
i'm immensly looking forward to it and hope that all things financially work out.

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