Monday, December 19, 2005

this weekend i have been bombarded by all things christmas.
mostly good.
no more carols though.
friday night was the annual sheena christmas bash.
i always feel slightly overwhemed when i go, because sheena just knows so many people.
but everytime, i end up having this rad conversation with someone or other that i havn't connected with in a while, or ever on any serious level. so ahoy to megan keopke. after being aquantices off and on for five years. i like you.

last night mosaic was lovely
then i drove home to chilliwack
went to this morning's service where it was
chrrriiissssstmas music, my.
then home for a nice little stephen and peter concert at the space
and some more christmas music
and lastly, from which i recently have returned
kenton's fete noel.
the best spiced wine i've ever had.

i'm sitting on my bed and i am quite eager to lie and immerse within its foamy, goosey, cotteny goodness.

today was good.
the light has shone and shown the approaching upwardness of my little path.

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