Sunday, February 26, 2006

this friday marks a quarter century of julie.
it is a day more special than most.
for this one who enjoys her day of birth very much.
so i invite you
to both start the day
and end the day
with bit of a bang.

7am on friday, until around 8/8.30
berts restaurant on main st between 13th and 14th.
before your work, before your school,
come eat breakfast

8pm on friday night, until ...
julie's house at #208 20 E12th Ave (SE corner of 12th and ontario)
bring your favorite wine etc or item of consumption
(just refrain from bring the disease of the same name)

some of you i talked to at mosaic, some of you wern't there, some of you are further away, and some of you live in gatineau. sur the pont alexandre. on le danse. on le danse.
come for one, come for both.
either way,

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