Friday, February 26, 2010

working a wee bitty over time
waiting until the kiddies get picked up by grandma. thus far, 44 minutes en retard.
have to rush shopping tonight for a baby shower gift for a dear friend,
i'm fearful that the rush shopping will......

oh dear.
i started that on friday, and then walked away until now.
the shower was great.
i found some lovely charley harper (my favorite) cardboard abc/123 books,
and a onesie or two.

olivia and i are cuddled up on the couch about to read, for the zillionth time,
junie b jones and the yucky blucky fruitcake.

i'm very, very tired.
fell into bed about 2 am last night.
a friends show,
drunk people telling me i'm the most gorgeous thing they've ever seen.
"seriously, is there anyway you'd date me"
no. because my creep-o-meter is very sensitive. you've alerted it.
but it yanked me out of the wee pity party that for some reason i decided to throw for myself within the space of 20 minutes or so.

and speaking of party,

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