Tuesday, June 29, 2010

hoo ya!
a little more cleaning up to do here at work, and
then i'm OUTTA here for a five day weekend!
AND it's payday!

who can handle all these capital letters and exclamation marks??!!

heading out kayaking tomorrow on bowen island, which i'm super stoked about.
tonight i'm going to a wine and craft night, just like if i lived in, say, saskatoon.
thursday is going to be a super rad bbq for canada day, which can be summed up by the large sheet cake resembling a canada flag that sheree and i are making.

why am i typing????
i need to get out of here!!!!!


oh ya, garance dore has this great post on elegance beyond clothing. it's really nice. what we can all strive for as humanity. maybe. i like it. hmm. go and read it.

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