Sunday, July 25, 2010

still lying in bed on the last day of my holiday..
i'm back to work tomorrow, and that's ok because it has been a spectacular time off.
you know those times when you travel
and you sort of say to yourself, lets just giver.
that was like this.
i breakfasted with friends nearly every morning,
saw a couple of matinee movies,
mid day beers at the beach,
late night beers at friends..
and so forth.

so good!

got back super late last night from bowen island.
sheree plett played a show there over looking the ocean,
and i met the crazy grieving guy from grey's anatomy that shot all the doctors.

i went swimming in seemingly the cleanest bit of ocean i've seen in a while. so clear and gorgeous.
now i have salt water hair. kinda messy. dirty. chic?

i have to go and get some coffee and breakfast. and it's 1pm!
oh holidays.

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