Thursday, October 07, 2010

alors. je suis la.
i have a french phone number! how cool is that?
i've never had a foreign number before.
i'm staying with a woman who specializes in taking 'first week in paris' cases.
she charges a little more on the expensive side,
but with the pre-departure panic setting in, i contacted her
to ensure i had somewhere to go from the airport.
it's lovely.
if it wern't for the darn building across the street,
i would be able to see the eiffel tower.
we went for a walk to see it tonight,
though pompously i'm not much one for tourist sights.
give me the people and the culture.
and the coffee.

after one day, the metro feels old hat, i got the hang of it pretty easy, which aleviates some stress pour moi.

i'm spending good portions of the day refreshing craigslist, and apartment websites.
hunting, hunting, hunting.
i believe that it will be provided.
my friend lindy said she was praying especially for that,
"in a way that a mother would".
i'm clinging to that. it also makes me very teary.
it's unbelievable to me who i've walked away from in vancouver. ugh.

the most amazing thing i've eaten so far was a puff pastry pie with herb cream cheese spread on the bottom and then loaded up with pan cooked zuchini. simple and divine!

and now, my bed.
it's midnight here.

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Aimee said...

Hooray. You are there! Blessings on your home hunt. May that adventure be over soon so you can get on the to settling in!

"walked away from" oh that sounds so final. It's not like we're not friends! But I hear you too.

Glad there was some report on food. Because I was wondering and hoping and wanting descriptions and recipes so I can recreate a little of creamy cheesy pastried paris back here.

love to you Julie.

oh, and I want you to know that I didn't put you at the bottom of my blog roll, it's just that your blog, like my friends' private ones for some reason doesn't circle to the top when it updates. You are not the bottom of the barrel!