Sunday, June 12, 2011

there are many, many things about france that i love, and will have a hard time leaving behind one day. but today i'm having a bit of a mopey nostalgia for some uniquely north american 'givens'.

clothes dryers.
customer service.
worship music written after the 90's.
things being open on sundays.
16 oz of coffee wherever and whenever you want it.
(i had a thought today that made me laugh. in vacnouver in would feel ashamed for drinking starbucks because there was no need to. in france i'm ashamed because i need to.)

well, those are the big ones. lets not call it complaining, because i shudder to think of being one of those north americans..
but at some point in the last couple days, each one of these things has encouraged a little wistfulness.
now i'm going to have some superior bread and cheese.


Anonymous said... and me both.

I love it here, but some things are just frustrating - ie" the queue for the queue.

Anonymous said...

oh. that's from me.
- robin