Thursday, December 12, 2002

now i have pretty links. priiiiitty.

tonight we went about the town with turkey dinner fixins and handed them out to some familys. i'm thinking if i've ever done this before i although i know i've had the oppertunity.. this is the first time i've actually handed over a blessing.
with me i had some of my gr 12 care group and a kid named adam.. so when we got to the house, it was me they expected to be the voice of confidence and generosity. i was secretly hoping one of them would do it. so i knocked and said what we had for them..

inside was filled with smokey gratitude and awe-ish, warm curiosity.
they knew absolutly they deserved nothing.

i'm trying to think of words that describe how i saw them, and their apartment, the feeling of peace, tho maybe not so, that lived there. how simply they expressed their thanks, more being said than words spoken.

and then it just comes to me and fits perfectly,
i saw jesus.

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