Tuesday, December 17, 2002

time passage is an odd thing.
today i padded around the house having called in sick.
and at random times throughout the day, i would look at the clock and think 'i would still be at work'.
being at work doesn't usually seem like eight hours. its just being at work.
but at home by myself, it was so slow.
not a bad slow. just a slow that made me think 'i stand work for this long?'

i'm so drained. i felt a little bad calling in this morning because i was not barfing,
but i had no energy. no positive thought about getting through the day.
i slept 11 hours until 11 this morning, called, and then went back to sleep for another 5.

jeez i sound depressed. nope! just glad that the nothingness of today happened.
and i feel like i have to justify it.

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