Wednesday, April 09, 2003

today, because i could still hear the punk rockers from 200 meters and walking,
and because i didn't trust the bathrooms at all ,
i walked my little legs over to regent college, half hoping i'd see my friend vania.
i walked by a classroom and to my surprise i got a pang of wanting to be in there and taking notes.
(authors note: i'm still not sure where that feeling came from nor do i really believe it. tee hee)
i got a blackberry smoothie and then looked at books.
they had a rad collection of arts and creativity in the context of spirituality.
so i sat me down and browsed a little. i could still very much hear them. i think its sort of odd that a theological seminary is situated next to a frat house. i think its sort of odd that mothers let their son's live there.
i was looking through this one book that was calling all christians who feel this inkling to creativity, to not supress it just because we don't see it as a traditional form of worhsip or, even in daily life.
he used the verse from romans that says "be no longer conformed to this world, (what you are used to as the norm)but be transformed by the renewing of your mind".. he was basically calling us to become who we are creatively, to seek that out.
saying that,
obviously we're going to have the urge to create - we're made in the image of the creator.

so, ya. it was a little inspiring.
that and punk.

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