Thursday, April 24, 2003

two thoughts.
one. i had no idea i could be so easily gratified by cleaning the cash desk at work. it was so covered in pen and stuff that the cleaning results were gleaming white.
two. i have no qualms with burning mixed cd's. i think its a great thing to do for people, making a nice little mixed cd ***(i finished mix 04/03 and its goooood)
i have a slight qualm with burning a whole cd, thats just so blatent. but i mean, if you've already bought the cd, and then you lose it, or it gets destroyed by the kitchen cd player, feel free to burn away yourself another copy. (opinion credit:ben)
but you know, i just like the asthetics of the actual cd. i like reading liner notes, and looking at liner photography and art. i like knowing that i've got the best possible quality of the songs.
but its true, if i had a blank cd and no money and a hankerin for some certain cd...i become blatent.

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