Wednesday, April 30, 2003

just had a little sleepy with my friend GABRIELLE!!! whoooooooooooooooo! lift up yo hay-ands.
eddie came over till one. i like eddie a great deal ("i'm all about you guys becoming friends")
gabe just started playing tha piano.
today we are going to the place where magic happens... kawkawa camp and retreat.
gabe is now under there leash of employment so she has to be back today.
brad is coming too.
i'm the little drivin pawn.
i'm going to convince him that i can live in a trailer for the summer.

Sunday, April 27, 2003

i love sunday afternoons. usually i nap. and was all set to do the same today.
but thankfully i have friends who know all the ins and outs of chilliwack.
you'd think i would...i had lame friends in high school i guess.
so they called me up and we drove down to the river and made a fire,
played football, made a raft and tried to sail it, but it sunk,
made shmores, the guys hucked rocks at each others' chests and other places and tried not to flinch..
i'm pretty dirty, nicely worn out, but feelin good.
it was such a nice day out today.
i live in the work of a great god.

Thursday, April 24, 2003

i'm still tasting the fish that i had for lunch. it will not go away. i would no longer choose to eat this fish. but away it will not go.
i bought some pj pants for 4 bucks.
i also bought some cracklin oat bran cereal. not available to canada.
i went out for greek food with my gr 12 coolies. then we took poloroid pictures of ourselves.
i watched (the melissa taped) survivor with my incredibly appreicated and intriguing friends.
i got thrown through some more loops as to what i will decide for the fall.
i am a very busy girl.
which is good.
i've been feeling a little restless lately.
two thoughts.
one. i had no idea i could be so easily gratified by cleaning the cash desk at work. it was so covered in pen and stuff that the cleaning results were gleaming white.
two. i have no qualms with burning mixed cd's. i think its a great thing to do for people, making a nice little mixed cd ***(i finished mix 04/03 and its goooood)
i have a slight qualm with burning a whole cd, thats just so blatent. but i mean, if you've already bought the cd, and then you lose it, or it gets destroyed by the kitchen cd player, feel free to burn away yourself another copy. (opinion credit:ben)
but you know, i just like the asthetics of the actual cd. i like reading liner notes, and looking at liner photography and art. i like knowing that i've got the best possible quality of the songs.
but its true, if i had a blank cd and no money and a hankerin for some certain cd...i become blatent.

Sunday, April 20, 2003

went to chinese easter last night.
one fabulous pastor/caiaphas and his fabulous wifey
directed a wonderful, creative production that packed the house.
and i was 1/6.5 of all the white people in the joint.
and they make a good cheese platter.
it was great, some great/unexpected music, photography (taken with both slide film and without),
i loved it all.
he is risen indeed.

i watched biography on prince william today.
i think i have a little crush.

Friday, April 18, 2003

my house is a peaceful house.
well, a kind of peace that is directly relational to the fact that
notta one hockey player remains.
i worked today for some nice time and 1/2 pay..
and tonght i'm waiting for this hockey game to be done so i can pop in a movie and eat some supper (you can't have one without the other i'm afraid).
it'll probably go in to fifty overtimes
i would expect nothing less.
for some reason i assumed that everyone would be doing family things tonight,
the lord having died and all,
but no,
they are all working.
i'm thinking of driving around to their houses and taping easter eggs to their doors

Wednesday, April 16, 2003

its funny how the memory can fade
but then i'm still reminded
when i
smell the rain
and i feel moved to kneel
and live it all again
and i try to kiss the river

and now i'm dying just to live again
and i'm longing,
waiting till the rain becomes a river,
swelling like a flood
so i can dive into the sweetest love
until i'm drowning, drowning in your life
until i'm living, living just to die
just like the river, rolls into the sea
so i surrender to the sweetest love
rolling over me.


Sunday, April 13, 2003

i am so retardedly sick.

Friday, April 11, 2003

there a little obscure song that comes from the winnipeg vineard center's realease "shake off the dust"
you will not be able to find this album in many places
but there is a beautiful little song called "i am yours"
i mean, its kind of a typical vineyard, girl sung ballad,
but pretty none the less.
so use the means of kazaa. you should be able to find it.

Wednesday, April 09, 2003

and i've been using the word aversion incorrectly.
why didn't you correct me. you know who you are.
today, because i could still hear the punk rockers from 200 meters and walking,
and because i didn't trust the bathrooms at all ,
i walked my little legs over to regent college, half hoping i'd see my friend vania.
i walked by a classroom and to my surprise i got a pang of wanting to be in there and taking notes.
(authors note: i'm still not sure where that feeling came from nor do i really believe it. tee hee)
i got a blackberry smoothie and then looked at books.
they had a rad collection of arts and creativity in the context of spirituality.
so i sat me down and browsed a little. i could still very much hear them. i think its sort of odd that a theological seminary is situated next to a frat house. i think its sort of odd that mothers let their son's live there.
i was looking through this one book that was calling all christians who feel this inkling to creativity, to not supress it just because we don't see it as a traditional form of worhsip or, even in daily life.
he used the verse from romans that says "be no longer conformed to this world, (what you are used to as the norm)but be transformed by the renewing of your mind".. he was basically calling us to become who we are creatively, to seek that out.
saying that,
obviously we're going to have the urge to create - we're made in the image of the creator.

so, ya. it was a little inspiring.
that and punk.

Tuesday, April 08, 2003

you need to check out a song by this girl called regarding miranda.

Monday, April 07, 2003

"I think the church feels like the gospel is what they preach to nonbelievers...
I desperately need the gospel
You're never going to get over the gospel to move on to something deeper.
There isn't anything deeper."
- Derek Webb

Thursday, April 03, 2003

three paths.
each with multiplying pros.
a few cons.
really, its a question of my sanity.
i mean, i could just go plumb insane and imerse myself in school.
a nice, familiar type of insanity.
or i could put myself through, or what i think will be, creative/life congesting insanity.
or i could jump out, and into an 'i don't know what the hell i'm doing' sort of insane.
ah life.
the curve balls you call decisions that you throw at me.