Friday, June 18, 2004

here i am in chilliwack. nothing moves here.
i went and saw my sister at work..
now i'm home doing some laudry.
i had planned to be here earlier, but as i left vancouver, i kept stopping places. it was funny and i din't get here until like 7.30.
tommorow is yet another wedding.
but thats ok because i get to pull out the dress of wonders again. its being cleaned and primped as i speak.
today i had a smoothie milk shake thing that made me go "ahhh hey i can do this..nothing elaborate, nothing exotic"
so from today forward i shall become one of those people who keeps their blender on the counter.
isn't it funny, the only time you really want to excersise is when you can't. here i am without my running shoes, and support, ahem.
ALTHOUGH it just dawned on me. dude! i'm at my house! it has a pool! i'm swimming laps. yeeeeah. swimming doesn't feel like real excerise to me.
its like candy exerise. yeeehaw.
i'm getting sick. throat. some nose stuff. some soreness.

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