Thursday, June 24, 2004

something else.
the other day i was listening to a girl named bethra preach it
and i was moved by what she was saying about a certain breed of christians. kind of in the context of how you "evangelize" (haaate that i just used the word)
about how, when you really really believe something is true, is truth, then it does not matter what the person next to you belives.
how there are so many christians out there who never connect with people who are not like themselves.
or if they do, its for the purpose of telling them about god.
and how for her, living her life, connecting with lots of people who are not like her, the way jesus comes out of her mouth is totally easy going and about her life, and jesus in it.
and i thought, yes. sister.
this is the breakthrough truth i have found this last year. it is truth.

and then she went on to say how hard it is for her to love 'those kind of' christian friends in her life.
and i thought, yes. sister.

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