Thursday, June 24, 2004

something else.
the other day i was listening to a girl named bethra preach it
and i was moved by what she was saying about a certain breed of christians. kind of in the context of how you "evangelize" (haaate that i just used the word)
about how, when you really really believe something is true, is truth, then it does not matter what the person next to you belives.
how there are so many christians out there who never connect with people who are not like themselves.
or if they do, its for the purpose of telling them about god.
and how for her, living her life, connecting with lots of people who are not like her, the way jesus comes out of her mouth is totally easy going and about her life, and jesus in it.
and i thought, yes. sister.
this is the breakthrough truth i have found this last year. it is truth.

and then she went on to say how hard it is for her to love 'those kind of' christian friends in her life.
and i thought, yes. sister.
i just got back from a really cool dinner with my friend michelle. she just got back a little bit ago from touring, and i just plain hadn't seen her in a while.
we connected tonight over some rad stuff, and had some really good conversation.
it seems like i've been connecting with people more and more lately. and soemwhat random people. and, in some instances, i never see it coming.
but its been really refreshing. and everytime it happens, i feel like gods sayin
"hey kid. i know you know, but i surround you."

i had a really good independant day off. some shopping, went and saw saved!. and laughed my aaassssss off. and at the end, i just sat there and said, that is a beautiful movie. its great. everyone go see it.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

do you know what i want?
i want justice--oceans of it.
i want fairness--rivers of it.
that's what i want. that's all i want.
amos 5.24

Friday, June 18, 2004

here i am in chilliwack. nothing moves here.
i went and saw my sister at work..
now i'm home doing some laudry.
i had planned to be here earlier, but as i left vancouver, i kept stopping places. it was funny and i din't get here until like 7.30.
tommorow is yet another wedding.
but thats ok because i get to pull out the dress of wonders again. its being cleaned and primped as i speak.
today i had a smoothie milk shake thing that made me go "ahhh hey i can do this..nothing elaborate, nothing exotic"
so from today forward i shall become one of those people who keeps their blender on the counter.
isn't it funny, the only time you really want to excersise is when you can't. here i am without my running shoes, and support, ahem.
ALTHOUGH it just dawned on me. dude! i'm at my house! it has a pool! i'm swimming laps. yeeeeah. swimming doesn't feel like real excerise to me.
its like candy exerise. yeeehaw.
i'm getting sick. throat. some nose stuff. some soreness.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

i'm about to leave now for my mini break.
i'm hanging out with my sister tonight and then on to some love in the sugar shack.
and on saturday to penticton for hil and adj's weddin.
wowee i'm excited.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

the downfall of humanity, or rather, what shows the ugly ugly side of most people, is the art of free samples. sampling. its food. its free.
watching people go for samples makes me want to ram my head into the lovely stone hearth oven.
and americans.

Friday, June 04, 2004

today i picked strawberries for my breakfast in bare feet.
then me and a dog with the same name as my sister played outside. mostly just lied there.
also a good chat with papamel about church stuff and ministry stuff.
then i came home and...
bought the most beautiful dress in the whole world. i am so excited.
(excitment comparable to going to a thrift store and getting a bag full of incredible stuff for 20 bucks. what? sure is.)
i am willing to lay down my life for this dress.