Thursday, January 20, 2005

i just found a file cabinet in the laundry room downstairs.
i've taken leaving things in the laundry room to be code for "take me i'm free!"
i hope this is what it means.

other than my little find,
this day has been the shits.
two, maybe three hours of sleep?
straining, draining day of work,
still not totally recovered from puking my whole abs out of wack.
oh but check out my coworker kerensa's website. she's one of the most insane artists i know. my favorite is the torrid grey's and the floral.

man the song 'warning signs'..its like i don't reallyhave anthing in my life that identifies with it, but soemthing in the mood of it just moves me and makes me want to cry..."and i'm tired.." ugh.

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