Monday, January 17, 2005

rehersal today for some show at capp college.
song from o brother where art thou..the temptress song.
i like the mood of it.
a good talk with my friends hil and lisa.
came home for a bit starving, returned a video and then bought cookies for me and courtney and went over there for a few hours.
i've totally become addicted to renting video's
now that i've found this rad little indie place by my house.
its got all the movies you wished you knew about,
and all the ones you, the cool, hip, aware movie appreciater, do know about.
so if you live in the soma area, happy bat video is the place for you.
main and 15th.
the other night my (completly committed to a rad girl) friend dave
came up to me and told me how beautiful i looked.
really sincerly and i was totally moved.

ok bed.

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