Saturday, May 28, 2005

i did this about a year ago and it needed a good update. pip pip, cheerio.

if my life had a soundtrack...

Opening song: glory box- portishead.
Waking up: friend -ana da silva
First date: i'm a wheel -wilco
First kiss: anthems for a 17 year old girl -broken social scene
Falling in love: plasirs d'amour -emmylou harris
Seeing an old love: a case of you- kd lang
Heartbreak: i cry everyday -shelby lynn
Driving fast: lack of color -death cab for cutie
Getting ready to go out: sister - sufjan stevens
Partying with friends: mike, aaron and eddie- haiku d'etat
Flirting: une annee sans lumiere-arcade fire
Walking alone in the rain: mahler's 5th symphony, movement 4 (adagietto.sehr langsam)
Missing someone: rock and roll -ryan adams
Playing in the ocean: reuben- be good tanya's
Summer vacation: wildwood drive -maplewood lane
Fighting with someone: my poor old heart -allison krauss
Acting goofy with friends: go go go joseph/joseph's coat- andrew lloyd weber
Thinking back: both sides now -ms joni mitchell
Feeling depressed: all the diamonds in the world -bruce cockburn
Christmas time: silent night -shawn colvin
Falling asleep: demons and dust-bruce sprinsteen
Closing song: ostrachis and chirping -elliot smith

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