Friday, April 28, 2006

bonjour je m'appel julie.
j'assis ici a l'espace
ce soir je travaille pour mosaic, c'est pas une mal nuit, ecoutez la musique pour dix dollars un heure.

i'm writing bcause i have a mild pang of guilt for having not written anything new in a while.
but really, i think, what is new?

no more car. much more legs and bus. more bike. more good.
more coffee for sure as i have discovered jj's americanos. allow me to exclaim, 'holy shit'.
more returning affections for a someone who pops in and around my life everynow and then. the affections are usually directly related to those poppings. the word fickle just popped into my head, but i know its not an accurate describing of said affections. huh.
alors, ques que c'est? ces't juste bien.
more movies for sure. i finished my foray into joss whedon a few weeks ago, niether happy nor sad, but only the sense of longing for more, while happy that such a time occupier has come to an end.
the squid and the whale is sitting in my bag. so is HP #4.
no more roomate. for the summer at least. she has driving up to F St John leaving my house not as cozy.
more sickness. i think i've said this before, but working with kids has made me little miss suseptable, and i've been laden for the last few weeks. its on its way out i think.
more reading. 'eyes of the tailess animals'; 'we wish to inform you that tommorow we will be killed with our families'. the former an account of a NKorean prisoner, the latter a collection of stories from rwanda. both stunning reads.

d'accord, c'est tout. j'ai besoin du cafe. ou biere.

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