Thursday, June 01, 2006

studio late the other night.
recording vocals late not a good idea.

last weekend i went over to bowen island for breakfast
it was incredible.
i hopped the 9.05 ferry there and the 12.35 back.
the old stand by phrase of it being so quiet i could acutally think
was great. great. true.
i felt like my mind and heart had all the freedom to just dwell.
brought my journal, my laptop, and my rwanda book.

sunday i woke late, got so immersed in watching first wives club
that i realized i was late for board meeting bbq.
[a mild shout out to sarah coull. gordon smith is our spiritual mentor figure. i said i knew you]
after i 'helped' matt and sandra pack the moving van/eat gratitude pizza.

tommorow is friday.

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