Thursday, June 29, 2006

i can't believe its so summer.
this whole week has been daunting temperature wise.

lots going on.
i've stepped up my game with the bike,
its now my sole mode.
in tweaking my route to work in the mornings
i found the loophole in the crazy hills
thus eliminating the ole 135 b-line.

recording vocals in well under way,
two songs down, four to go.
although you can't listen to us,
click on the myspace link to your right
it will lead you to the lo fatal page.

my lovely, left to die at the side of the road, small group
has been resurrected
same crew, a few bonus'
and i feel like a little piece of me that i didn't know was agitated,
is sitting back in peace.

three kids is morphing slowly into something i might deem managble
although daily expression of 'deux terrible' is waring.

summer plans are not rampant 8 days into summer.
i'm looking forward to the crazy lussier-hoskyns mid july.
maybe a few trips to seattle
definatly some weekend treks to bowen island
and perhaps perhaps perhaps a little trip with coo coo out to the tree spheres for a night.

how about you?

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