Sunday, July 09, 2006

last night after mosaic,
josh and his american, david bazan lookalike contingent, jay and ross
along with suzie and i
walked down to the night market
strolled around
introduced bubble tea, against my attempted veto.
ate lots for cheap.
then we drove over to the drive.
attempted havana's..who has their last call at 11 on a saturday night?
decided to walk up to wazubee's.
4 pitchers of beer on an american credit card later,
we decided to crash at suzie's place, which is decently close by.
jay and ross proclaim their midwestern roots
and deem themselves impervius to such a low consumed amount of alcohol.
"we're midwestern."
we drive slowly the 10 blocks to suzie's house.
roomate absent means a bed for julie.
too hot upstairs, so i grabbed a pillow and headed out to the hammock.
my hindsight time perception i'm sure is slightly scued due scottish cream ale.
but i lasted maybe about 1/2 hour, 45,
and then i'm too cold.
back to bed..around three..
up at 7..can't sleep
look through absent roomies books
read 'god in the allies' in its entirety.
10 everyone else starts to stir,
we leave for breakfast on main street.
five breakfasts on a different american credit card later,
we say goodbyes, great to meet you's
have fun selling your fireworks
thanks for treating
no its a twoonie
thats a loonie.

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