Sunday, July 16, 2006

hmm. i think i'll start a sunday night tradition here at the blog.
for the second week now i find myself
up at a relatively late hour
having slept in
thus with no prospects for sleep on the horizon.
which make for intresting mondays at work.

a weekend recap?
friday night i hung out with my dearest courtnay
i think we did dinner..
saturday i slept late late
did a little shopping and walking in the neighborhood
and walked down to mosaic later on.
mosaic was good because it was super tiny this week.
a disheartened attept at social all accoss the board
found me walking late over to happy bats and got some movies.
today i spent the afternoon at our community bikes
learning about the various mechanical functions and maladies of my bike.
but now my bike is so perfect!
a quick hello with the toons at jj
then down to MEC to get a new bike lock
then dinner with courtnay one more.

and now i sit here.
i'm excited to ride my bike tommorow to feel the difference.
lussierhoskyn are here this week..mid i think.
but a whole other week until it gets detailed.
maybe i should climb into bed and pretend that sleep is upon me.
and also my house is screaming for a clean. screaming.
have i mentioned my love affair with red river?
its so delicious first thing in the morning. a little

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