Thursday, August 24, 2006

i've had crap energy this week.
i'm lying here on my stomach
at 845 and i'm exausted.
i had plans to meet up with some friends,
but it felt good to bail.
if only it means i can stay here in my dark room
and maybe read some more anna karenina.
i've been a tolstoy virgin until now.
i came across this old copy of it at my parents house,
and what started as 'giving it a go',
is now a full fledged engrossment.

i'm holding very dearly to the fact that tommorow is friday.

i've rediscovered peanut butter and jelly
on wonderbread, as an adult.
running around/ bounding up and down stairs after three chillins all day
is a great way to not eat.
and come a moment of pause,
the most attractive thing in the world to me
is a pbj.

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