Monday, August 07, 2006

so last week was a day early
this week a day late
it all balances out hey?

i'm sitting on my parents back deck,
breathing in the scent of wack of different fruit trees
(which would belong to all the neighbors because my parents can't grow squat)
the pool looks at me with would be invitations
but for the algeside just thrown in.
i came home yesterday with a trunk full of lovelies
and have a full week of
rien rien.
my video store bound sister
has graciously HOOKED ME UP.
this week i'm planning to see all the ones i've been meaning to see.
last night was
paper clips and barbarian invasions.

saturday i rode down to the japanese festival
in a futile effort to meet up with friends
but still mine eyes took in some great sights.
after that i rode over to mosaic
with a mild stop for gelato.

friday night crystal and i were at the space until 12
painting, re vamping, breing creative.
my arms still bear witness to the plethora of colour.
and the new mosaic sign kicks ass.

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