Wednesday, September 27, 2006

just got in from a totally classic julie and stephen outing.
including all the following fundementals.
we put the fun in fundemental.
or the mental..
shitty food past any appropriate digesting hour.
happy bats cinema.
buffy. we have purchased our tickets for the singalong.

aside. the buffy the vampire singalong is an annual event here in vancouver.
doning costumes and finery,
the musical episode entilted 'once more with feeling' is aired.
singing along is mandatory.
also aired are a few other choice episodes.
so, october 28th, where will you be?

a major discussion on the poorly chosen apparel of a random pedestrian. fundemental you ask? sadly yes. this happens more oftan than one might like to admit.
a major oversight in evening plans.
a bicycle tucked neatly into the back of stephens van.
and lastly, some choice phrases uttered in unison
that i shan't copy out here.

tommorow is my 'friday'
flying to edmonton on real friday morning.

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