Sunday, September 17, 2006

oh right its sunday night.
i guess since i'm just flopping here..
i'm TIRED.
today was a full day.
today was also rainy and full of decent sized walks.
walk number one. my house to the church for a meeting at one.
walk number two. church to the art gallery for a darfur thing.

which i'll aside here for a moment.
after rawanda we said 'never again'.
well hell, we need to make sure that never again means something.
darfur is insanely on the brink of genocide,
and its nearly the same situation UN wise, an unwillingness to step in.
and because of the unsafety, very few relief organiztions are going in.
come on canadian government. come on UN.
little fact. 648 letters to the government, i think last year, produced 400 million dollars for humantarian work abroad?

ok walk number three. home from gallery.
walk number four. out of my apartment to the courtenay's car. then we drove over to the church space for a fest of a show which i'll be completely happy to never see again. aqua teen hunger force. kick me in the head.
also virginia native josh, made his famous tater tot casserole.
tater tots, cheese, mushroom soup and ground beef. i'm guessing regular, not lean.

back to the grind tommorow. i'm in decent countdown mode now, until my flight one province right.
one week this friday.
edmonton for about 18 hours, and then an excellent road trip one more province right, and into REGINA!!
gerrards and tylers unite.

i havn't had froot loops in, i'm sure, years.
but my mind just formed a perfect, mirage-like spoonful of them.

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