Wednesday, January 24, 2007

100 things is something that i've been seeing around here and there on the blogs.
lying in bed with a bit of boredom and elusive sleep, i've decided to give it a whirl. but i could only go as far as 30. so 60-100 will be brought to you at a later date.

1. i hate reading novels written in the first person
2. unless its an autobiographical.
3. i guess then, its not a novel.
4. i hate singing with more than one other person in a band.
5. i am listening to sufjan stevens.
6. sufjan dominates my itunes. with seven albums and somewhere around 20 songs each...
7. my dream esemble cast would include: julianna nicholson, samantha morton, emma thompson, natalie portman, maggie gyllennhaal.
8. i don't like owning movies, but the only ones i do own, i'm embarrassed to own.
9. i get movies as gifts.
10. i enjoy the cigarettes on weekends.
11. diet pepsi rules my roost.
12. it pains me to wear a tshirt.
13. the only reason i have experience fine dining is because of courtenay, a chef at nu.
14. courtenay is my best buddy. she will bring you diet pepsi and a pizza when your addictions have run you dry.
15. canta gallo at jj bean is the best blend of coffee of all time. my boss bought me a pound if it at work and i drink way more than i ever did before.
16. i am a pro star at dressing 1 year olds to kill.
17. i only own two towels.
18. i hate socks that arn't fully cotton.
19. i hate sweaty feet.
20. i hate cold feet. especially in bed. yeeegad.
21. i accidently painted my bedroom a horrendus color. acidic pastel yellow.
22. i've had a craving this last two weeks to paint my living room teal.
23. i have had three cars given to me.
24. i dont know why, i am a horrible car person.
25. i'm hoping to soon become a superb and wonderful scoter person.
26. i have a crush on a boy.
27. there are some mom blogs that i like reading.
28. i am not a mom.
29. i am the lynchpin of the modern family.
30. benefit benetint is the best beauty product known to woman.

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