Sunday, February 18, 2007

an opening to this post will be a thank you to matt and sandra who gave me their old 'newlywed special' ikea couch, which, upon introduction to the floorplan, has created my favorite spot to rest that beyond my body.
my music is on shuffle right now, and bruce cockburn's 'all the diamonds' has begun, and it feels perfect.

my weekend has is now ending on a small, but good note.
alone in my space, spacious and dim.
cherished because of the sparsity in place of the usual abundance.
two very full days of good and fun moments. but full of everyone else as well.

i've read some really great things in the last two hours,
which has me thinking and reflecting.
ben said once 'introspection is pride's worst enemy'
and, as now,
i come back to that thought often.

today my grandma, in all her straightlaced mennonite glory, started spinning me a tale about a new breed of poinsettia plants that are purple and glittery.
this upon my exclimation of surprise at said poinsettia, resting in an air of defiance, dead center on the kitchen table.
knowing her story was becoming mildly implausible, she gave it up and admitted buying it beacause it looked cool.

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