Sunday, November 22, 2009

i woke up this morning about nine o'clock, which i'll openly admit is really early for me on a weekend. yesterday i slept until one. ahem.

but rolling about this morning, realizing i was awake to go, and looking at the clock, the first thing i found myself thinking about was whether or not the line up at slikity jims would be crazy at the moment, or possibly, hopefully in a lull. man. there is a certain bit of grief there. every sunday morning, this is what i did. roll out, stop by newspaper box, walk to slikity's, read paper, eat 'the breakfast'. almost every sunday. sometimes with friends.

so i'm sitting here in my mildly chilly apartment, early enough to be thinking of all the things that are happening later today, and trying for the life of me to figure out where to go for breakfast.

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