Wednesday, April 07, 2010

i'm infected.
i'm on the brutalist anti biotic.
i take it and then i'm chilly and flu-y for a couple of hours.
but at least one of them i take at night time when i can sleep through it.

i made some banana muffins
but the baking soda didn't really activate
so they taste bitter.

i'm considering going for a pedicure after work,
but i don't really want to because my feet are nowhere good right now.
you know how you feel you have to clean because the cleaner's coming,
ya same thing over here.

i'm on a hunt for some cream/beige coloured pleated cropped pants. in maybe a light wool.
in plus size?
am i dreaming?
i bought some black ones,
three sizes too big,
dominantly polyester,
but they work.
i 'm holding out for these khaki ones.


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