Saturday, May 07, 2011

happy post.
feeling gushy about the little produce store on my street.
run by two chinese girls,
they consistently have the most astoundingly fresh,
undamaged selection of fruits and veggies
at totally great prices.
i'm there every two days to stock up. seriously.
i've eaten muesli, yogurt and berries,
every night for the last 10 nights or so.
with the gorgeous weather,
i don't want anything hot, heavy or that i have to make.
assembly, i can do!
and while i'm here,
the yogurt..OH the yogurt.
nestle's la laiterie makes a vanilla one
in little glass pots to DIE for.
so much stuff comes in glass. its nuts.
i know a bunch of people who save the mustard containers as drinking glasses.
they're kinda pretty.

and this is pretty big
for those of you who have known me for a while
the gap has finally been replaced as my go to store.
its replacement is
i find it very unlikely that i'll be able to live in a city
in the future
that does not have a COS.
just bought a pair of super cute sandles that will see me through for a while.
also a dress a little while back.


Aimee said...

i want to save mustard jars and use them for glasses!!!
and eat the yogurt.
and see you.

Anonymous said...

COS is my new favorite too! Look at us, European ladies!!!
- r.

autumn said...

WHAT? the gap replaced?? Im shocked. Whaht is this COS you speak of???
Also, i miss you.