Monday, May 30, 2011

i feel like i lived my whole weekend in barcelona in one line thoughts.

arrived crazy late to festival friday night, tickets all sold out, i sit and sleep under a tree until 6 am and ross finds me.

we get to donnie's place, but can't get a hold of him, so thankfully an older couple comes out at 7 am, and we are able to enter building and sleep on roof.

i slept on a garden roof at 7am in barcelona with stolen bed linens off the laundry line.
seriously! the view!!! the warmth!
donnie finds us at 11.

back to bed until 6pm.
head to festival just in time to hear fleet foxes, having sadly slept through tallest man.

ate the most delicious hotdog on the planet. x2. wish i had another.

go over and watch the barca/manchester game. no contest really. barca easily takes it.
a total rush standing in such a huge crowd excitedly singing the national anthem.

pj harvy. solid.

around now i start drinking.
what am i, 20? fanta and vodka.

mogwai. a nice discovery. with no real vocals, i take it in deep. spirit.

3am. animal collective. WHOA.

a battle of wills ensues between those who wish to head home, and those who wish to get drunker and stay. the outcome, while maddening, was not shocking.

we arrive home at 7am.

sleep until one pm,
we head out to lunch with donnie and crew..

WHAT?? all you can eat, sushi, chinese, bbq/grill, fruit, ice creams...
totally not trashy..sooooo legit, for only 14 euros.

chinese people running a sushi place in barcelona does not easy communication make.

5pm, head to the airport!
barcelona transit, you are a dream!
and the airport! once you get through security, there is this amazing courtyard to chill out in until your flight. for me, this means, a smoke! yipee!

all in all,
i had a great weekend,
but my 30 year old body was not totally thrilled with the 20 year old type antics.


autumn said...

Sounds like a crazy/wonderful time.
So glad you wrote about it.
Much love as always.

Aimee said...

love the peek into your weekend.
favorite part -- sleeping on the roof with stolen bed linens. A perfect moment!!!
Laughed about the 30 year old body and the 20 year old antics. rest well friend!!