Sunday, November 06, 2011

some good things.

simon woke up from his coma. and is doing really great.
his heart stopped randomly a couple days ago while playing basketball,
and it was pretty sketchy for a bit.
"wake UP simon" was my prayer for three days straight.

slowly learning more and appreciating more about cheese
through the tutiledge of the favre-bonvin's.
dinner at their place always ends with an insane assortment of cheeses,
which i get walked through, and have fun trying.

also, via the lovely F-B's, a french grandma jam hook up!! YAA!! FRAMBOISE!!!

started last week, and am loving it.
yesterday i got my ass handed to me by a 60 year old teacher.

sunday morning pastries runs are usually a bust,
because the good bakery is closed on sunday's.
but this morning, the mediocre bakery knocked it outta the park yo!

last week was a three day work week,
and this week is a four day week!

two new tv shows. homeland with major winters (sighhhhh) and claire danes. and once upon a time, which is superb, and written by the same folks who brought you lost.

beastie boys.

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Aimee said...

what a list.
many blessings.