Thursday, November 17, 2011

some more good things.

out of the 20 plus soy latte's i've had here in paris this fall,
only like two of them have been shitty.
and every other one was spectacular.
do you know how weird that is??
in all of vancouver,
there was only one place where i knew for a fact
that my soy latte would be killer,
which was the laughing bean at hastings and..slocan??
(kaslo? yikes i'm starting to forget things).
the starbucks barista's here are impeccably trained.
i'm so, so amazed.

anyhoo the greatness of the soy latte
is derailing the whole 'green tea in the afternoon' thing.

ticket to germany for christmas!!
i'll be heading to ansbach, in the south of germany,
home the wonderful Spaeth's.

ms. christina spaeth is a dear friend living here in paris,
and has most graciously invited me to stay for the holidays.

gotta say, living abroad, i'm two for two
with unbelievable hosting generosity.

this recipe.
will become you're go to chocolate chip cookie recipe.
with the sea salt sprinkled on top,
and no leavening agent,
its this dense, soft, sweet and salty cookie.

paid 6 euros ranch dressing
on a whim at the american grocery boutique.
soooooo worth every centime.

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