Wednesday, January 01, 2003

ahem. happy new year.
probably the most overrated holiday.
and people start parties so freaking early, like 7 or something.. so you are completly obliged to party for five hours before the thing even happens.
plus i was the classic "worked all day, not enough sleep" julie, so i welcomed the slower/quieter pace of the sub-party in the kitchen. where there is spinach dip, there is good times.

banana banana banana. what do you do with a banana?

things recently have generally been condusive to my mellowed out state of being that has taken me this last week or so.
went to an worship sat night. blessing, love and peace amongst chaos and distrust.
been to the house of the hepps. movies and bk and music repeat.
not great amounts of alone.. thats kinda catching me, but i've got a day or two off now. we're good.

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