Tuesday, August 31, 2004

hey guys i saw this on someones blog, and out of boredom i loved the idea. so its the 'say something about your friends but don't tell them its them'. you can try and guess if you like.

1.I can’t say that I’ve liked you for my whole life, but I’ve probably loved you the whole time. But now I like you. And respect you and your heart. I want the best for your mind and your heart and your life. Move to Vancouver. Ha. You are generous, loyal, compassionate to a fault (nearly), funny, beautiful, stylish and finally an individual. I love it. I love seeing you be a woman, being a liver of life. With you I’m the most real I ever am. The most comfortable. You are life long. Thank god.

2. My oldest friend. Junior high. But now you’re far away. I have long long respected your absolute individuality and confidence. Your satisfaction in who you are is astounding to me. And your love for where you came from, baffles me sometimes. But in you I can see it, and love it too. I love that you are amaaaazing at keeping in touch when it gets to be just a little too long. And the ease in getting together with you even after something like two years.

3. You are the wisest, most confident but at the same time beautifully insecure woman. I can’t believe you’re younger than me some days. And your style leaves me nothing but a copycat. I respect how real you are in everything. With your marriage, your friendships, with your relationship with jesus. I have learned to be more real because of you. You never say anything to fill space, or anything you havn’t thought about. Incredible. Listening to you pray moves me. You are thoughtful, fluidic, and genuine.
You are the most beautiful woman I know. The most beautiful woman I know.

4. People tell us we look it all the time, but most days I do feel like you are truly my brother. Looking at you and your whole life, you have changed me. You change me daily. You (and above wife) are the most influential person in my spiritual life…I guess in all my life. I don’t think I understood unconditional love until I knew your freindship. Seriously. Your guys’ love for me blows me away. Your guys’ love for each other blows me away, and made me think marriage isn’t what I thought, good and bad (hahahaha). You encourage me to trust, to love, to believe. Man I could go on. I don’t have words to tell all of who you are to me. I love you.

5. Ah the mild saga that is our frienship. But keeps getting richer and better with everything. I know I told you this, but you are the friend who I’ve learned the most about myself from. You are a great mirror, an amazing sounding board, and when you don’t give the stupid side hugs, the best hugs come from you too. I am thrilled for you in your life right now. I don’t think I’ve really told you that. I’m so happy that you get to experience all of it, and I’m jealous of that alone, because I want it too. You make me laugh like no one. You make me see life like no one. You are selfless, generous (!), patient, cautious, truthful. 4 years and going. Potatosaladbearsgraffititelecasterboy. Again, I could say more and more. But these are just words. My friend from life.

6. You have always loved me, since coming into my life when I was 15. You’re home has always been open for me, and your kids have been my kids. You have insane amounts of compassion and generosity. Your love to be a mom, to bloom where you’re planted, is a huge example of strength and love. One of many I see in your house and marriage and ministry. I love that you’re friendships see no age borders. I love you that you let me come over with incredibly short notice (or none at all!) and eat the damn fish crackers and drink iced tea.

7. You totally came into my life out of nowhere, full force and it was beautiful. Sneaking off from MI to have talks. Driving out to see you in SK was the one of the best times in my life. Well, not the driving part, but the seeing you on Sunday morning and crying out of fatigue and stress. Falling asleep on your bed and couch listening to sigur ros. Our frienship has taught me redemption. And about forgetting about the shitty stuff and loving anyways. Hmm, that sounds like we slept with each others men. Well we all know how that will never be the case! I love loving you. I love hashing out ideas with you. I love borrowing your books. I love that you make me think about things like I’ve never thought, with one well thought out sentence. I hope you get to eat schnitzel.

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