Thursday, August 19, 2004

update THIS.
centennial beach for the b's bday/grad.
rosy cheeks and sandy feet.
it was pretty crazy at dusk when the mosquito's came out of nowhere..and in full force.
but i'm nicely worn out.

i need to learn now how to be open/real even when i have people around me who make me put up walls. i'm not sure how to do this.
its like i don't even want to be real with these people.
but somewhere in there is, that community is exactly that...fighting through walls and defences..even though i'm vehemently opposed.

blair and candace got married tonight. wooo!
julie got adobe photoshop thing with a webpage design program from ben for the mosaic website. wooo!
j: so where is she going to (hypothetically) live?
b: not sure. i hear its pretty cheap to live in sin these days.

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