Friday, August 06, 2004

tonight i was talking to my friend lisa about our church, mosaic.
about how small the community is, and how that leaves no room for anything but who you really are.
and how for both of us, its the only church in our whole lives that celebrates brokeness, and the redemption therein.
then she sited the example of an aquantiance that came to mosaic, and didn't like it beacuse it was too personal. too intimate. she prefered the anominity of a regular, lots of people, service.
and i thought to myself, thats so true. so many put on masks to the one place we should be celebrating the shit thats behind the mask.
we go to receive. we shallowly commune with those we know and those we're comfortable with.
i don't think i even knew what being apart of the body really meant until mosaic. where we celebrate, as part of the worship, rowans one year sobreity.
and its not like i'm always comfortable, but i'm at peace with that struggle.

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