Sunday, October 24, 2004

in my tired and irritated state
i'm, at the moment, thrilled that i'm moving to my own bloody apartment at the end of this week.
me myself and i.

spent the weekend in chilliwack, having fun, getting tired out.
got some really good music that i just need to share.
from a basement on a hill-elliot smith. phenomenal album.
there will be a light- ben harper and the blind boys of alabama
hymns of the 49th parallel- kd lang. stunning. covers of all these rad canadian musicians including joni mitchel (who never lets anyone cover her stuff), ron sexsmith, jane sibbery, bruce cockburn, leonard cohen.
stan robinson- stan robinson. oh ya.

well, i'm feeling the need to climb into bed, away from weird things, and read. harry potter? don miller? will i ever finish naomi klein?
my feet are cold.

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