Saturday, October 16, 2004

wow. tongiht was a funny night.
at the last minute, thanks to ben and his compassionate guestlist powers, i got into a good show for zero dollars.
i should admit here though, its not this nice little rareity that happens when my freinds put me on the guest list. i ask for it all the time. i like getting into shows for free. if you're in a band, and ask me to come to a show, i'll ask about a guestlist. i will. i'm shameless. but humble too. =)

and a good, nay great, walk for, what ended up being crepes and coffee. james frey, art, life. a good fizzle drizzle kinda rain.
i got excited about some creative stuff. its good for me to think intentionaly about being creative. i think i like myself more.
good night.
i'm listening to damien rice and reading searching for god knows what. oh, and go see the motorcycle diaries. beautiful. perfect.

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