Thursday, October 28, 2004

there are two things i would like to tell you about. so much so, that thinking about them drew me here to tell you.

one. the movie 'zelery'. its a czech film. its beautiful. for you vancouver's, its playing at tinsletown.

two. a few weeks ago at mosaic, me and dana were counting the offering up in don's office, and amongst the coin and some cheques, was a safeway gift card for 25$. on it was written, "donalds food voucher".
donald is a really neat guy. he's a recovering drug addict, loves jesus, feels called to be a shephard one day. in his life, he feels like he's not ready/strong enough to receieve any cash help, so amongst other things, the church gives him safeway cards.
when i saw the card in the offering, and dana explained to me what it was, i wanted to cry.
he faithfully, sacrificially, gives 10% of what he has.
of what he's given, he doesn't hesitate to realize the blessing of god and give back.
oh jesus.

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