Friday, April 01, 2005

days seems to be getting longer at work.
right now i'm at dave and corrinas. with stephen and lisa.
drinking wine and eating s+v chips. class.
ben is leaving soon. for pretty much ever.
maybe i will leave soon too.

i'm teaching myself to be more social.
its a bad thing i can get into by just coming home after work and staying in.

i can't stop listening to the following:
amos lee: arms of a woman
the district sleeps tonight: postal service
death cab for cutie: lack of color
my new low cd:the great destroyer. (i went and saw them with pedro the lion on saturday. it was the best pedro show i've seen. delicious) and i totally swiped that photo from whereever on the web. its not even from the show. i'm orrible)
aaaaand sufjan.

thats me.

and michelle is back from thailand. tommorow is her attempt at thai food for us. and we will love her. and be so happy that she is back.

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