Tuesday, April 12, 2005

man i'm full.
i walked somewhere around half way home today after work
bought the new p:ano cd
da da da da
then it started POURING somewhere around burrard and broadway
and umbrellaless julie decides
oh no i'm not
so she bought a hot dog and a pop and plopped down on a step to wait it out
i kept walking up to granville
and decided to just make this whole eating on the go thing
my supper
and subsequently bought a crepe as well
man i'm full.

here are some cd's that i want
haiku d'etat*
new folk implosion*
(*these two with direct thanks to joel loewen)
pedro: hard to find a friend
ari da silva..i think?
the sea and cake: whatever album michelle was playing in her car that jarret gave her because he didn't like it.

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